Start your New Year with a Commitment to Action

We have all made New Year’s resolutions and found ourselves not living up to them after some point in time, typically varies.  Maybe we should look at 2015 in a different way.  Resolutions are typically a call to action without any specific steps to achieve them, accountability or a time when the goal is reacted.  Why not change our approach and consider making a commitment to action.  These actions typically involve making changes to our lives such as:

  • Health: Pay special attention to what you eat, exercise appropriately and get plenty of sleep.  Also care for your teeth, hair & skin.
  • Read more: Reading expands your mind in many ways.  It is more enjoyable when you are interested in what you are reading.  The benefit to reading is expanding your intellectual horizons resulting in you being more interesting and giving you something to talk about.  This is crucial for shy introverts who never know what to say like me (I know surprisingly).
  • Set priorities and keep them straight. Whatever it is you consider a priority be sure to consider each when you are making decisions.  Maintain your focus on what’s important to you throughout the year.
  • Consider doing something you haven’t done before. This new experience should be something you have wanted to do for years or something you have just decided to explore.

Do whatever you can to live your best life, starting today.  Happy New Year!!!

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