“Overcoming All Doubt When Sharing Your Ideas to Peers”

Feelings of self doubt are normal for many people.  They will hold you back and many opportunities will pass you by because you feel like you are lacking in some way shape or form.  Doubting oneself creates a host of unfavorable scenarios and prevents you from living up to your full potential.  In the presence of your peers, self-doubt is very prevalent.  In your mind, you think they are ahead even though you are both on the same level.  Remember that you are just as deserving as anyone else.  Remember the following when sharing your ideas with your peers:

  • You did the work. Remember the work and effort you have accomplished to get where you are:  getting through school, working your way up through the ranks, or completing certifications, you have done it yourself.  Consider all of the obstacles that you had to overcome to reach where you are today.  Avoid shortchanging the work you put in.
  • You have been validated. The ones at the top have validated you.  You have been told that the work that you put in qualifies you for your current position.  Who are you to question that?  If you have a degree, then the experts in your field of study have confirmed that you are knowledgeable in your field.  A promotion at work indicates that your boss has recognized the quality of your work and has rewarded you.
  • Your track record speaks for itself. Look back and assess the path you have taken and the successes you have gained along the way.
  • You are deserving of goodness. You deserve the spotlight just like anyone else.  Embrace all of the good things that are yours.  Consider praising yourself for all of your accomplishments.  Don’t feel guilty about speaking up for yourself.  You have been validated by your experience, expertise and education; have self-confidence and shine.

Choose today to open the window and toss self-doubt out of your life.  You will quickly realize how new opportunities will present themselves when you make room for them.  Take control and show your peers that you are just as worthy as they are.  Remember that God is the one who blessed you with the skills and talent you need to perform well on your job.  Don’t second guess His gifts but receive them and honor Him by continuing to use them for good and not doubt them.

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