A Balanced Blood Sugar Yields Healthy Benefits

Getting and staying healthy is not an easy thing now days.  With the variety of food choices, social activities and stresses of life maintaining ones health can become less of a priority.  One of the consequences of not making health a priority is high blood sugar.  Controlling your blood sugar is very important even if you have not been diagnosed as a diabetic.  Serious health conditions such as heart disease & cancer may occur with an unbalanced blood sugar and insulin levels.  Blood sugar is defined as the glucose transported in the bloodstream that supply our bodies with energy.  This energy is essential fuel for our brain and bodies.  Our blood sugar levels fluctuate all of the time depending on how we eat, exercise and manage stress.  A balanced blood sugar has the following benefits:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Boost in your mood
  • Weight loss more easily
  • Better sleep
  • Strengthen your memory
  • See more clearly

Managing your blood sugar can be accomplished through your diet.  Drinking more water flushes the body of excess sugar through urination.  Eating the right carbohydrates such as vegetables and brown rice will not cause your blood sugar to spike too high.  Indulging in healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts and fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids help so to maintain good blood sugar.

Managing your blood sugar can also be accomplished with exercise.  Shoot for 30 minutes a day several days a week will help keep you in shape and lower your blood sugar.  Make sure to choose a variety of workouts that you enjoy so that circumstances out of your control don’t stop you from working out.

Managing ones stress helps to keep blood sugar balanced.  Get adequate and consistent sleep even on the weekends.  Practice relaxation methods to help put you at ease and cope with the events of life.  Daily mediation, getting a massage or listening to instrumental music helps to reduce stress.

Thinking positive helps to keep your spirits lifted.  Keep a list of the things you are grateful for and add to it daily.  Knowing your blood sugar levels are key to managing your health.  Make sure you see your doctor regularly for checkups.  The goal is to remain healthy in order to achieve your goals, dreams & desires.

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