Hello and welcome to Step By Step Transformations.  My name is Natalie Stennis and I am here to help you be intentional about transforming your life God’s way.  As a Certified Christian Life Coach, I will walk with you on a path you have either been afraid to or did not know to take.

We all have a purpose, goals, dreams & desires we would like to achieve but things get in the way such as fear or life circumstances.  These can present themselves as challenges that deter us from achieving them.

Be determined to achieve by intentionally taking things step by step.  We all had to crawl before we walked and the same analogy applies to transformations.  I will coach you to act in accordance with your values and not your feelings.

    • Do you know what it is you value?  
    • Have you ever taken the time to identify those things that you truly value?  Not what others say they should be but what you say they are.  
    • Do your actions daily reflect your feelings or your values?  

You are not alone, because there are many people who do not know what it is they value and if they do their actions are not in accordance with them.

Are you walking in the will of the Lord for your life?  When you are operating in God’s will, you must be determined to achieve by intentionally taking things step by step.

Contact me for your complimentary consultative coaching session if you are ready to transform your life!!!